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5 Simple Tips to Protect Your Business from a Cyber Incident

Cyber incidents have been flooding the news lately. From the pipeline being hacked, which led to a gas crisis, to the meat industry suffering from an incident that resulted in raised beef prices, all industries seem to be vulnerable. Small businesses are particularly susceptible to a cyber incident because they typically do not have the same level of cyber security that a large enterprise would have. Below are five simple tips to better protect your business from a cyber incident.

1) Do not Click on Unfamiliar Links:

If you or your business have received an email from a company or person that you already do business with and the credentials (email, website, etc.) do not match your records, do not click on any links within the email. By clicking on the links, you may be opening your network and computer to a cyber security attack. This also applies to emails from senders that you do not know.

2) Only Complete Requests Regarding Sensitive Information from Verified Sources

If you or your business receive a request for account information or a password reset, then it is always best to verify who is doing the requesting. One way to verify, is by checking your records. Another way to do this is to Google the company in question and directly call the number listed on their website. If the number on their website does not match the number listed in the email, it is a good indicator of a red flag.

3) Update your passwords.

It is easy to have similar passwords for all of your accounts. However, by having them all be similar, it makes it much easier for a scammer to hack into your accounts. By diversifying your passwords, you are able to better secure your network and accounts. If you are worried about remembering your passwords, be sure to write them down with a pen and paper and store them in a safe place.

4) Educate your team.

Pass these tips along to your team! No matter how big or small, all teams need to know the basics of security. Any person in a business can be vulnerable to an attack. By educating your team on these precautions, your whole business will be better protected.

5) Think before you Act!

Businesses operate faster now than they ever have before, so it is easy to be on autopilot to get work done. By taking a moment to fully understand and evaluate an email or request, you and your business will be a better functioning machine and will be better able to identify suspicious emails and activities proactively.

You work hard to build and grow your business. Even though threats are on the rise, by taking a few precautionary measures your business will be better protected from a cyber incident.


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