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6 Holiday Cyber Scams to Be Aware of

6 Holiday Cyber Scams to Be Aware of With holidays rapidly approaching, the malicious actors have upped the number of attacks. It is a busy time of year for all businesses. Also, with employees going on vacation and taking time off, it is a great time for hackers to try to get into a system. This is just a summary of the most common approaches found over the past few weeks.     Android/iPhone malware. A number of apps (mainly in Android) have been infected with malware. While there is a list, it changes constantly. Generally speaking, if you are looking for a particular app for your phone, be it a game or tool, try to avoid anything with few reviews. The more common companies have safe apps in the stores and they generally have lots of reviews. Look for those and be wary of any apps with few reviews or a very recent upload to the store.   Office/PDF documents. There is new malware out in the wild that infects documents like Excel sheets, Word docs, PDF files, etc. This has always been something out there, but recently there has been a large uptick in these types of attacks. The malware is newer and better at avoiding detection. The biggest tip for these is two-fold. First, the document is unexpected. If you feel it’s genuine, contact the sender outside of email and verify it. The second, common trait is when you open the Office document, you are asked to enable macros. Not all macros are malicious, but a random, unexpected document asking for macro permission is suspect.   Zelle/Venmo/CashApp/GooglePay, etc. Scams. Zelle has been picked on a bit, but all of the payment apps customers have been experiencing attacks. The most common is for someone to contact you, pretending to [...]

December 21, 2021|Categories: cyber security, holiday scams, small business|

Ransomware: An Introductory Guide

From the Colonial Pipeline shutting down to the rise in beef prices, cyber-attacks have impacted multiple industries outside of the technology world. How these attacks happen vary from instance to instance, but there is a common factor: almost all instances use ransomware to get their payout...

5 Simple Tips to Protect Your Business from a Cyber Incident

Cyber incidents have been flooding the news lately. From the pipeline being hacked, which led to a gas crisis, to the meat industry suffering from an incident that resulted in raised beef prices...

June 15, 2021|Categories: cyber security, IT Support, passwords, phishing, ransomware, small business, social engineering|

Social Engineering: What it is and How to Prepare for it

Has your business ever received a phone call asking for information that was a little too personal? Has anyone every called claiming to be from another department or home office asking for you to do something that is out of the norm?

April 29, 2021|Categories: cyber security, IT Support, phishing, social engineering|

What to Consider When Looking for a Managed Service Provider

With technology consistently evolving, you have probably heard the term Managed Service Provider, or MSP. But what is it? A “Managed Service Provider is a Third Party that a company uses to take over the responsibility...

April 6, 2021|Categories: IT Support, Managed Service Provider, MSP|


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