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Ransomware: An Introductory Guide

From the Colonial Pipeline shutting down to the rise in beef prices, cyber-attacks have impacted multiple industries outside of the technology world. How these attacks happen vary from instance to instance, but there is a common factor: almost all instances use ransomware to get their payout...

5 Simple Tips to Protect Your Business from a Cyber Incident

Cyber incidents have been flooding the news lately. From the pipeline being hacked, which led to a gas crisis, to the meat industry suffering from an incident that resulted in raised beef prices...

June 15, 2021|Categories: cyber security, IT Support, passwords, phishing, ransomware, small business, social engineering|

Social Engineering: What it is and How to Prepare for it

Has your business ever received a phone call asking for information that was a little too personal? Has anyone every called claiming to be from another department or home office asking for you to do something that is out of the norm?

April 29, 2021|Categories: cyber security, IT Support, phishing, social engineering|

What to Consider When Looking for a Managed Service Provider

With technology consistently evolving, you have probably heard the term Managed Service Provider, or MSP. But what is it? A “Managed Service Provider is a Third Party that a company uses to take over the responsibility...

April 6, 2021|Categories: IT Support, Managed Service Provider, MSP|


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